We had a very successful first weekend shooting for Star Trek Sutherland.  The Cast and Crew performed above and beyond!  Saturday began with preparing the props and scenery and we began filming in the later afternoon.  We were able to successfully complete four scenes and are now completely done with two sets!  It was a great feeling to be a part of something where everyone was pitching in and contributing to the mission.  I had a general idea of how I wanted each scene between the actors to flow but there were many times where their performance far surpassed what I imagined!  I'm lucky to have them!  We will be filming again this summer which will wrap up all of our interior scenes. 
Keeping track of props and uniforms can be a daunting task!  Using a tag to label each costume listing which actors will use it and in what scenes can help.  Also annotate any repairs that might be needed can help keep everything organized!

Always go back to check a few if not all of the clips you shoot.  If you don't you might realize later that a mic might be in the shot!  Also make sure someone keeps track of continuity of the sets and actors especially if you have several scenes filmed out of sequence or at different times of the day.

Buddy check!  Having a good team environment where people are comfortable working with each other is critical.  Always good to help each other do a last minute spot check for make-up, wrinkled costumes, shirts coming un-tucked before the cameras start rolling again!

Londa Wilson
7/13/2012 08:06:43 am

Me next?


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